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About Consor


Ruedi Wipf


With a sustainable development of the company, we ensure that our customers can rely on its longevity.

Fari Malla

Fari Malla

Member of Executive Management

With an optimal match between customer needs and the functionality of the application, our customers benefit from the best level of operating efficiency.

Martin Nokes

Martin Nokes

Head of Business Development

Working closely with our customers, we make sure that Universal is always one step ahead of the dynamic market demands.

Andrea Rezzonico

Head of Development

With state-of-the-art technology and agile processes we strive to make Consor Universal the leading platform for specialty lines insurances.

Roland Oeschger

Head of Project Management

My job is to execute the project in such a manner so as to achieve the greatest possible benefit for customers.

Consor. Experienced & reliable.

As a long-standing and innovative information technology company based in Zurich, we have specialized in solutions for insurance companies for many years.
We create modern digital customer experiences using our standard software, Consor Universal and serve insurance companies in Switzerland and in Germany.
We are owner-managed, which allows us to be quick, flexible and responsive to your needs.

Further to our strong focus on the insurance market and many years of experience in implementing complex projects, Consor Universal’s power and flexibility as well as an impressive list of satisfied customers are strong arguments which speak in favor of Consor.

Our success factors. Innovative & customer-oriented.

  • We combine insurance expertise with the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions.
  • We are highly responsive to market changes – thanks to streamlined processes and short decision paths.
  • We focus on the industrial insurance sector.
  • We deliver high quality in order to optimally satisfy customer needs.
  • We have a high level of customer orientation that is deeply rooted in our corporate culture.
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