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Consor Turns 40 Years Young

1979: Western hero John Wayne passes away, Elton John is the first western pop star to give a concert in the Soviet Union, the Iranian religious leader Chomeini overthrows the last Shah of Persia, the singer Pink is born and Sony’s Walkman revolutionizes the way we listento music.

Digitalization is still in its infancy. The legendary Apple II celebrates its first commercial successes while IBM had yet to launch its first personal computer. The famous quote of DEC boss Ken Olsen “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home” is only two years ago. In this time long forgotten Consor was founded, too.

The beginnings

It is difficult to imagine today what everyday office life looked like without PCs, Wifi and mobile phones. There was probably only chatting in front of the coffee machine instead of on WhatsApp. A lot of cigarette smoke drifted through the offices while secretaries typed meeting minutes on IBM typewriters.

Under the leadership of René Walter, Consor quickly established itself as an innovative provider of banking solutions in the areas of foreign exchange, the money market payments. Various components developed on host systems at the time are still in operation at renowned financial institutions well beyond the year 2000.


Focus on the industrial insurance sector

In the year 2000, the Millenium Bug brought aging PL1 and Cobol programmers a final boom. But the dotcom age had already begun.

In 2000, Consor began development of ahighly integrated standard Web solution with intelligent interface technology, reusable components and a dynamic repository. This marked the beginning of Consor’s specialization in industrial insurance. In the following years, the software was continuously developed and new features, such as powerful analysis tools for product modelers, were added. It has always been Consor’s aim to use state-of-the-art technologies and while enhancing Universal with a strict focus on the customers’ needs..


Consor today

2019: The Walkman was replaced by MP3 players and finally by the iPhone. Pink and Elton John (!) still sing and perform. Neither the bursting of the dotcom bubble, nor the financial crisis of 2007-2008 could harm Consor. In German-speaking countries, Consor Universal is established as the standard software for industrial and special insurance

Consor is a modern employer in the center of Zurich and offers young talents as well as experienced software developers and business analysts the best conditions for creative and rewarding work. The team’s mix is one of the success factors for Consor Universal’s consistently high quality.


Consor – A reliable partner for the future

Especially in the individual insurance sector, where contracts often run for decades, insurance companies must be able to rely on a reliable software partner.

Looking forwards, we will continue to focus on our core competence: A clear specialization in industrial insurance and a high degree of agility and innovation in order to be able to respond optimally to customer needs.

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