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Consor Universal User Conference 2018

We were able to open our conference between contemporary works of art in the art foyer of our client Helvetia in Basel this year.

The participants from industrial and specialty insurance discussed new developments and trends during a light lunch.

As in previous years, this event was once again a good opportunity for the numerous participants from industrial and specialty insurance to discuss developments and trends and discover new application examples from Consor Universal.


Bruno Rohner, Head of Operations Helvetia Specialty Lines Switzerland & International, demonstrated how quickly and effectively the implementation of Universal is possible for a new customer. With Universal, the technical and administrative challenges of an internationally operating insurance company such as Helvetia could be tackled and integrated into its application architecture within a few months. Universal now contributes to continuous improvement and efficiency enhancement in Helvetia’s processes, as it allows flexibility to the outside world and guarantees stability in the financial processes by connecting to the backend system.


Universal Policy Manager – the link between the market side and insurance companies 

As is repeatedly made clear in discussions with the community, one of the greatest challenges of special insurance is the balancing act between the dynamic world of the market on the one hand and the internal needs of the insurance world on the other.

Thus, the highly flexible market side is always driven by fast, dynamic changes and characterized by little standardization. In contrast, the insurance world is dominated by invoice-related requirements and highly standardized processes in relatively rigid structures.

As Fari Malla of Consor made clear in his lecture, the Universal Policy Manager connects exactly these two contradictory worlds: On the one hand, new insurance products can be modeled and offered quickly and easily in Universal. Insurance companies are thus in a position to react swiftly and consistently to constantly changing market requirements and customer needs and to offer new products such as cyber insurance.

On the other hand, interfaces that integrate into insurance companies’ IT applications ensure internal stability and continuity. Data is automatically transferred to peripheral systems such as SAP FS-CD – this ensures the necessary continuity in billing and statistics.


Man vs. Machine

Dr. Ludwig Hasler’s guest talk made everyone think.

Tibor Fomin from Zurich Insurance also emphasized the integration capability of Universal in his presentation. He compared Universal’s Business Transaction Creator with the ability of learning machine systems to automate input and minimize human error. The stability and advantages offered by Universal for non-standardized products in the individual business have become clear here.

Our nationally renowned guest speaker, Dr. Ludwig Hasler, also addressed the topic of man vs. machine in his exciting lecture and made us think. The philosopher and physicist sees the challenge in how humans can interact with the seemingly superior machines in the future and make use of them. In particular by concentrating on our human competencies – which are not to be found in computing power and accuracy, but rather in creativity and the ability to think.

Let yourself be inspired! Create space and capacity for your employees in business and IT by having Universal support your industrial insurance processes. Get in touch with us today.



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