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Our New Colleague

Since February we have a new colleague: Louie, the office dog. The 5-year-old Magyar Vizsla belongs to our assistant Barbara and comes to the office several times a week. Did you know that dogs in the office can promote a positive office climate and help relieve stress?

Positive Health Aspects

Office dogs promote team spirit, communication and motivation among employees. An experimental study of the Virginia Commonwealth University proves, that the four-legged colleagues help prevent mental and stress-induced illnesses.

And that’s not all: Caressing a dog promotes the release of the so-called “cuddle hormone” oxytocin in humans and dogs (!), which ensures relaxation and well-being. The University of Buffalo concludes in a study that the mere presence of a dog reduces blood pressure and therefore the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Overall you can say that a dog makes life in the office more varied, nicer and probably longer.

And Louie?

Of course, Louie is happy to be near his mistress and enjoys the attention of the other colleagues as he makes his rounds through the office to pick up some extra cuddles.

So everyone benefits from the situation: the company, the employees and ultimately the dog.

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