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Universal User Conference – fit for 2025

The yearly Universal User Conference took place on June 15th at the headquarter of Mobiliar Insurance in Berne.

Management and user representatives from the corporate and specialty lines business gathered in Berne. Besides the large Swiss insurers like Mobiliar, Helvetia, Zurich Insurance and AXA Winterthur, German insurers like AXA Germany, Allianz and VGH were represented as well.

Thomas Grüner, partner at BearingPoint and head of competence group insurance presented 8 propositions how the insurance business will evolve in the next 10 years. More innovation and agility will be expected from the insurance companies – driven by digitalisation.

Michael Blattner from Zurich Insurance showed an innovative approach how to efficiently and effectively handle international insurance programs with Universal.

Imposing an underwriting governance is a top priority for Chief Underwriting Officers. Roger Etter, Chief Underwriting Officer for the corporate business at Mobiliar, demonstrated how Mobiliar uses Universal to impose and control the underwriting governance.

Last but not least, Johannis Huijsmans and Ruedi Wipf from Consor gave an outlook to new features and developments in Consor Universal.

The event was concluded in a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of good wine and animated discussions.

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Universal User Conference – fit for 2025