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Consor Universal. It doesn’t get any more flexible.

Consor Universal was specifically designed for corporates businesses and insurance domains with a high degree of customization. It bridges the gap between individualization on the one hand and standardization of policies and processes on the other hand.

Consor Universal’s architecture is state-of-the-art. It allows you to stay ahead on the path of innovation.

  • Insurance products can be modelled without programming
  • Short time-to-market when launching new products and implementing new business models
  • Tailored quotes and policy issuance – customized to meet individual needs
  • Dynamic underwriting in accordance with compliance requirements
  • All printing outputs integrated in the system
  • Scalable solution that also covers future requirements
  • Individual analysis of data according to any desired criteria

Design Engine. All in one.

Consor Universal’s design engine will help you model your insurance products comprehensively – without any programming, quickly, in a flexible way, and cost-effectively.

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  • Flexible modelling of insurance products
  • Unlimited number of data fields
  • Individual wording for clients and brokers
  • User interfaces according to required roles
  • Multilingual print outputs in corporate design
  • Individualized processes and business transactions
  • User-defined business rules for dynamic products
  • Configurable management reports


Consor Universal allows a rapid design, thanks to field-tested, out-of-the-box components. This can significantly shorten your time-to-market, without diminishing individuality.

This fast-track strategy enables new requirements to be addressed and implemented quickly, regardless if it’s pricing models, currencies, process changes, organizational restructuring, new products or new international applications.

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Output Communication. Fit for all channels.

Your entire communication can be generated in a rule-based and process-driven manner. Thus you can create highly individualized quotes and policies, tailored to your clients and brokers. Choose between different outbound channels such as print production line, documents in PDF format, e-mails, SMS, XML or HTML.

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  • Offers, contracts, contract amendments, suspensions, reinstatements, cancellations
  • Reusability thanks to a central repository
  • Generate a wide variety of document types
  • Generate additional documents at the same time as policy summaries, co-insurance documents, certificates, etc.
  • All design elements for the document layout are available
  • Rule-based document production in a desired language
  • Direct testing during design phase as well as during production of output

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Processes. Adaptive and end-to-end.

Consor Universal controls and monitors the underwriting process in the simplest way and thus supports process reliability. This allows you to focus on your core task. Administrative details are handled by the system, which facilitates your work significantly.

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Pending tasks, outstanding renewals are displayed in an order basket. One click on a “to-do” task will lead you directly to the processing of the transaction.

Process control can be fine-tuned to the insurance product. Problem-related techniques are available for defining the business rules: simple rules with simple methods, complex rules with powerful techniques.

  • Automatic recognition of new product versions
  • Support of various user groups
  • Role-based process execution
  • Four-eyes principle and multi-level approval
  • Integration of stakeholders in the underwriting process

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Business Intelligence. Simple and in real time.

It is possible to analyse all business transactions and data with a variety of display technologies which are integrated in Consor Universal. eDossier and Cockpit allow ad-hoc analyzes and quick and simple queries while Universal Datamart serves for more comprehensive and detailed analysis.

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  • Reports on processing times and processing steps
  • Reports based on region, coverage, brokers, etc.
  • Analyses are possible even after retroactive adjustments to data structure
  • Cockpit evaluations for graphical data visualization
  • Ad-hoc reports for quick management information
  • Versatile printing and exporting options
  • Extensive reporting options in the design process

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Compliance. To be on the safe side.

Consor Universal supports reliable and comprehensive management, control and storage of business processes throughout their entire life-cycle. Your compliance rules are defined in Consor Universal. As a result, adherence to both internal rules and regulations as well as national and international legislation is possible.

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  • Ability to track changes
  • Consistency check of business transactions
  • Version control, historization and archiving of business transactions, tables, etc.
  • Competence rules – simple and efficient
  • Logging of all entries and changes
  • Freezing of transactions after approval
  • Support of contract certainty
  • Adherence to underwriting guidelines

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Technology. Easy integration.

Consor Universal is web-based and completely developed in Java. This flexible and modular architecture allows you to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. Thanks to comprehensive API and smart interface technology, Consor Universal can easily be integrated into an already existing system environment.

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  • State-of- the-art architecture: Java, HTML5, XML
  • Cross-platform: Windows, UNIX, LINUX, AIX
  • Supported databases: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL
  • Supported Web Application Servers: JBoss, Websphere
  • Cluster capacity (load balancing, session-handling, Persistent Session State
    Feature, etc.)
  • SSO-enabled
  • Monitoring
  • Encrypted traffic
  • Transparent and simple release management process
  • Pre-testing of insurance products based on the simulation of peripheral systems


Windows 10 Support Statement: Consor Universal is supported by Consor on Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11

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Partnership. Together we are stronger.

Consor is proud and happy to have an experienced and trustful partner by its side. BearingPoint offers management skills and functional expertise based on particular industries, as well as an ability to adapt strategic insights to the customer’s individual concerns. BearingPoint supports the Consor sales team. Jointly, Consor and BearingPoint implement projects with large insurance companies in the German speaking market.

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