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Training with the Derron Sisters

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, the Consor team had the pleasure of an exclusive training session with our triathletes Julie and Nina Derron. After Consor entered into an advertising partnership with the two successful professional athletes last fall, the two runners took the time as part of this sponsorship to give Team Consor a sporty tune-up.

For about an hour, the motivated participants followed the instructions and tips of Julie and Nina, who challenged us in two groups on the hilly terrain of Ottikerstrasse.

Not everyone was used to training on a slope, let alone doing short sprints there! Nevertheless, not only the ultra athletes accepted this challenge and Team Consor can be quite satisfied with the effort and performance!

During the following theoretical part, we were able to gain some interesting insights into the daily training routine of top athletes and take away some knowledge for our own training. Finally we received a

Take Home Training

The Moneghetti running set

  • 2x (15sec fast / 15sec easy)
  • 2x (30sec fast / 30sec easy)
  • 2x (45sec fast / 45sec easy)
  • 2x (60sec fast / 60sec easy)
  • 1x (90sec fast / 90sec easy)
  • 2x (60sec fast / 60sec easy)
  • 2x (45sec fast / 45sec easy)
  • 2x (30sec fast / 30sec easy
  • 2x (15sec fast / 15sec easy)


The Consor team thanks Nina and Julie for the inspiring training experience!

Training mit den Derron Sisters
Team 1 training with the Derron Sisters
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