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Mentoring Program of the Canton of Zurich

Not only in the software industry, but in all areas of the economy the shortage of skilled workers is a major challenge. There is a potential which is often underestimated and used too little: that of the very well-qualified and experienced workers over the age of 45 years. Especially in the field of software development they often have difficulties to find a new position after losing their job.

But even younger, highly skilled workers, who are only at the beginning of their careers, often have problems finding suitable jobs. The key to finding employment is a network within the industry.

This is where the mentoring program of the Canton of Zurich with its partners from the associations and the private sector comes in: To bring the very well qualified jobseekers into the network.

Voluntary Commitment

Our CEO Ruedi Wipf volunteers as a mentor for exactly these jobseekers. As an IT entrepreneur, he himself is confronted with the question of how to develop career paths of older IT professionals.

In addition, as a board member of the provider association Swico Ruedi Wipf sees the responsibility of the industry to find solutions.

Further information about the program can be found here:

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