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Consor at BearingPoint Versicherungs.Dialog 2022

“Insurance 5.0 – What comes after digitalization?” – under this provocative title the Versicherungs.Dialog 2022 took place on September 22. As a partner of BearingPoint, Consor was allowed to be present again this year with a booth and a short presentation on stage.

Ruedi Wipf / Versicherungsdialog22

Of course, digitalization is not over. However, after many years of focusing on technological developments, it is definitely appropriate to ask questions that focus more on people and customer benefits. Participants from insurance companies such as Zurich, Helvetia, Gothaer and AXA discussed issues surrounding the future of the insurance industry. The common denominator was the realization that while digitization is important and necessary, it can only have an impact in conjunction with the people involved.

One focus was on insurance ecosystems. Ecosystems are hotly debated in the insurance context, but they are not a completely new phenomenon in the insurance world. For example, classic ecosystem use cases such as embedded insurance have existed for some time – for example, travel insurance embedded in credit card packages, or vehicle insurance in car rental. To a certain extent, ecosystems are now being used as an occasion to put the customer more at the center.

As Konrad Bartsch from Provinzial explained, ecosystems cannot be defined and planned on a drawing board. Rather, ecosystems are highly dynamic and constantly evolving. By definition, startup problems are to be expected, and these should not be interpreted as failure. How long the development of an ecosystem will take and what it will ultimately yield is hardly predictable. One thing is certain, however: building it up requires a lot of patience and a long-term investment horizon.

Ecosystems can only work if customers see a clear benefit in the combined offerings. They must therefore be thought from the customer’s point of view.

Perspective or not: Ultimately, digital competencies and tools are again required for implementation. As Consor was able to demonstrate, the Consor Universal platform with its object management tool is optimally equipped for embedded insurance use cases and thus supports its customers in building an ecosystem.

We would like to thank our partner BearingPoint for the interesting event and the excellent networking opportunities!

Ruedi Wipf
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