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User Conference 2019

This year’s user conference took place in the rooms of KOSMOS

This year our User Conference took place in the rooms of KOSMOS in the heart of Zurich. Over lunch, the participants from the industrial and specialty insurance industry had the first opportunity to discuss the latest developments and trends. Moderated by Michel Geelhaar, the User Conference was then officially opened in the cinema hall on an impressively large screen, in proper style with popcorn and soft drinks.


Rapid implementation of new insurance products

The first speaker was Daniel Hauser from Zurich, who covered the topic of construction site insurance in his presentation. Mr. Hauser explained very clearly how Zurich was able to switch from a conventional solution to a modular, more customer-friendly insurance solution for large construction sites within just a few months. With the help of agile, iterative methods, the new product was modeled in Universal extremely efficiently and in a very short time.


Using a marine case study, Raymond Piot of Helvetia demonstrated how quickly new insurance products could be implemented with the help of Universal. He went into detail about the advantages that his team benefits from: From fast time-to-market and process optimization to communication with surrounding systems, Consor Universal supports Helvetia’s employees as well as its sales partners and customers.


Cyber insurance for the field service

Great cinema at the user conference

After a refreshment with coffee and sweet delicacies from the KOSMOS kitchen, Tobi Lerch from Helvetia and Martin Nokes from Consor introduced Helvetia’s new cyber insurance. With the help of Universal, the sales force’s activities were optimized and efficiency and agility significantly increased. The flexible configuration options in Universal created a dedicated view of the especially product for sales representatives. This increases sales and reduces the workload of the underwriting team. The implementation process took only 3 months and both the general agencies and the business departments gave highly positive feedback.

Sandra Wolf from AXA Insurance also came to the same conclusion in her presentation: The original statements of the employees show that the users at AXA are also very satisfied with Universal. Among other things, the simple, intuitive operation, the uniform and professional layout of the products and the increase in efficiency were mentioned.


Social risk trends

Lively exchange during the coffee break

This year’s keynote was given by Matthias Holenstein, Managing Director of Stiftung Risiko Dialog. The audience listened attentively to the fascinating presentation on the topic of social risk trends. In his vivid speech, Mr. Holenstein presented the greatest risks of our time and the various influencing factors them. This exciting topic could have been discussed forever – the participants of the User Conference did so in a relaxed atmosphere at the subsequent aperitif.

The positive feedback from our customers shows us that we are on the right track with the development of Consor Universal. We attach great importance to implementing and further developing Consor Universal for our customers in close cooperation with users and specialist departments, so that we can continue to deliver top performance together in the future.

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